Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions, notes and other tips regarding your headshot (I will be expanding the information over the coming weeks)

What should I wear ?
The most basic guideline is to wear the clothes you are comfortable in for the photo purpose I.E. your standard business attire, whatever that may be.

Some other guidelines :

  • Avoid large/bold patterns or broad stripes
  • If wearing a tie – avoid bright red
How do I book ?

Contact me via phone or email to arrange an appointment. Most assignments are carried out at the premises of the person being photographed.

Ideally a few days notice is best, but urgent requests will always be met where possible.

How long does it take ?

For the photography, I suggest allowing up to 30 minutes for an individual session, and about 15 minutes per person for group sessions. Additional requirements, like a change of outfit, may need a bit more time.

The final images will normally be supplied within a week – faster turnaround is possible where required.

Why crop the way you did ?

I normally include a lot of empty space around the subject – this allows cropping in a variety of ways later – depending on the final image usage and requirements.
If required, I can also crop the finished images to suit a specific requirement e.g. LinkedIn format or a specific website setup.

What is a Headshot ?

In this context, a headshot is a head & shoulders photographic portrait – usually used for business websites or social media profile photos. It goes by a number of different names, all of them basically meaning the same thing :

  • Headshot
  • Business Headshot
  • Corporate Headshot
  • Business Portrait
  • Executive Portrait
  • Commerical Portrait
  • Professional Portrait
  • Profile Photo
  • LinkedIn photo
  • Social Media profile

Typically it does what it says – and includes the shoulders and head only in the final image. This is a narrower definition that of a classic portrait, which can be much more flexible.

What other types of portrait can you do ?

I also do Wedding & Family portraiture.

Click the link to view my Wedding Photography website.